JBT (Jazz, Ballet, Tap) is our unique dance class solely for Year 1 children. In this supportive class, the dancers learn the basic technique of Jazz, Ballet and Tap during the Autumn and Spring Term and perform in our annual show in February. After the show, the dancers are offered the opportunity to try out each dance style before choosing with dance style(s) they would like to continue with for the Summer Term.

“It is an honour to teach JBT, I love seeing the dancers’ progression from Cheeky Feet as they have the opportunity to explore further dance styles. It is sad to say goodbye to the class in the Summer term because we build such a great bond but I know I have given them the confidence to thrive in their chosen classes” - Michele

Wednesdays with Michele for children in Year 1


Our popular jazz classes leave our dancers running out on a high. Across the year, the dancers are offered the opportunity to learn different dance styles from musical theatre jazz to street dance. The class will always begin with a warm-up and the class will include learning choreography, creating their own choreography or a mix of the two.

Wednesdays with Mya for Year 2+




Ballet builds muscle tone and strength, improves posture, alignment and core stability, aids memory, increases flexibility and develops musicality and artistry in a way no other style can. Learn this beautiful dance style at Spiral Dance Studio and get a rare combination of experienced, professional training in a relaxed, non-pressurised and family-friendly environment.

“I’m passionate about ballet and all it’s benefits for young and old alike. In fact, five years post back surgery and as I enter my fifth decade of dancing, I can testify firsthand to the many benefits of taking ballet classes both early on and later in life.” - Rachel

Mondays with Rachel for Year 2+


Learning to tap dance helps you become a better musician and a better dancer. Our tap classes help children to develop a sense of rhythm, increase flexibility and improve balance and co-ordination. Our classes contain a mixture of exercises and choreography to inspire creativity in our dancers.

Wednesdays with Clare and Rachel for Year 2+





Our Musical Theatre classes are for those interested in dancing, singing and acting but who don’t have the time to commit to 3 separate lessons so we’ve fit it into one class! This class aims to boost confidence in our dancers so they become a triple threat!

Thursdays with Carly for Year 2+


Our Contemporary classes are incredibly popular due to the variety of styles and technique included in the classes across the year. Our classes help our dancers to use core dance skills they have already learned whilst exploring their own creative way of moving. Contemporary provides dancers with different ways to move their bodies: fast/slow, high/low, in canon/in unison.

Mondays and Wednesdays with Mya for Year 4+




New to our timetable in our 2018-2019 year, our Modern classes have given our dancers opportunity to learn how to move their bodies in a controlled manner. Our Modern classes are fun, energetic and challenging as the dancers are encouraged to develop skill and style in this dance genre.

Wednesdays with Clare and Rachel for Year 7+


A wonderful class to be a part of! Our limbering class is designed to help improve flexibility, strength and technique in our dancers. The aim is to build on everything that helps with dancing and to help our dancers remain injury free. The dancers are taught a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises which they can then repeat at home to keep up their strength and flexibility!

Mondays with Mya for Year 9+



It is so lovely to see the children smiling when they dance. They LOVE it!
— Lucy, Parent