Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some questions we are often asked, we hope we can answer your question below but if not, please Contact Us!


What are the term dates?

All term dates can be found on the Term Dates page.

Can we join at any time in the term?

Yes, all our classes welcome new dancers throughout the year (unless there is a waiting list!).

If I join halfway through the term, do I have to pay for the whole term?

No! We do not charge you for classes that you could not have attended prior to joining us.

Do we have to give notice to leave?

We require half a term’s notice to leave us. For those who are in Year 1 - Year 13 and perform in our show, we ask for a term’s notice during our Autumn Term.

before your child/your first dance class

How do I book a trial?

Please contact us via our Contact Form to book a trial. One of our team will be in touch within 1-2 working days.

What should my child/I wear for my trial class?

We do not expect you to wear uniform for your trial class - please wear something you feel comfortable to move in with bare feet. For girls, it might be a top and leggings and for boys, a top and shorts. For Adults, you may like to wear sports leggings/trousers and a top - whatever you feel comfortable in!

Where do the classes take place?

Please check our timetable and our ‘where to find us’ page.

How do I register for your classes?

Once your child/you have attended your trial class you will be given a booking form (in paper and via email). Please complete this as soon as possible. Once we have received your form, you will be sent an invoice for the term.

during your child’s first dance class

What happens on my child’s first day?

Please arrive at your venue 5 - 10 minutes early with your child ready to go (please ensure they have been to the toilet before class!). Your child’s teacher will come and introduce herself to you and find your child a buddy in the class. The classes are then taken by the teacher from the changing room to their studio and the class will commence. After the class, the class return to the changing room and the teacher will come and let you know how your child gets on!

Can I stay and watch?

We ask for parents to stay in the changing room as we find that the children join in more and develop confidence when their parent isn’t in the room. If your child is in Cheeky Feet, we can be lenient with this rule however we advise that you watch from the door so you can sneak away when you are happy your child is happy so they can fully involve themselves in the class.

Is there somewhere to wait between classes?

At Bingham Hall, we are kindly gifted a room for children & parents to wait. At Watermoor Hall, there is a small waiting area for parents and at Siddington Village Hall, we invite parents to wait in the Kitchen.

Our classes

How much do classes cost?

Our 30 minute classes are £5.50, our 45 minute classes are £6.85 and our hour classes are £11 (if paid termly). We offer multi-class and family discounts.

How are fees charged?

We send invoices termly. If this causes difficulty, we are able to set up payment plans. For our Adult classes, we also offer a 5 week block or pay as you go option.

Do you have a uniform?

All of our classes have a uniform except Cheeky Feet Toddlers and our classes for children with additional needs. Please find uniform information on our Uniform page (which will be announced soon!). We do not expect you to buy a uniform until you have attended a couple of weeks of classes to ensure our dance classes are right for you!

Do you cater for children with additional needs?

Yes! We are a fully inclusive dance school and welcome children with additional needs into all of our classes - please contact us for more information. We are passionate about supporting those with additional needs who may otherwise shy away from our regular classes and we therefore also have classes specifically for children & young people with additional needs.


Do you do any performances?

  • For our youngest dancers in Cheeky Feet, we welcome parents to watch the last week of each term.

  • For dancers in Year 1+, we have our annual show in February which is a highlight of the dancers’ year. We also choose a couple of classes to perform at the National Star College’s Dance Festival and are invited to perform at summer fetes and festivals.

  • Our adult dancers have the opportunity to perform in our annual show but this is not compulsory.

Does my child have to take part in your annual show?

It is not compulsory to take part in our annual show but we ask for you to inform us if your child will not be taking part as early as possible to help with placing our dances. We have had children who think they are too nervous to perform but when it comes to the show they shine so we are happy to work with your son/daughter to encourage them to perform.

What is the commitment to the show?

We are aware that family life is chaotic and want to ensure our show is enjoyable so we have lessened the amount of preparation for the show. During our show week, we will need attendance on the Sunday for a dress rehearsal, Monday for stage rehearsals (Not all classes will be required), Wednesday for a technical rehearsal and Saturday for two performances. We also require commitment to lessons and any more than 4 absences in a class before the show could mean the dancer’s place in the show may need to be reviewed.