Terms and Conditions

Spiral Dance Studio Terms and Conditions

To ensure Spiral Dance Studio runs smoothly and successfully, we ask that parents read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before enrolling into the dance school.


We charge termly for our classes. If you join part way through a term, you will only be invoiced for the classes you have not yet attended.

Enrolment forms and/or invoices will be sent out before the end of each term:

·         Spring Enrolment 2020 Invoices – Monday 2nd December 2019

·         Summer Enrolment 2020 Invoices - Monday 23rd March 2020

·         Autumn Enrolment 2020 Forms and Invoices - Monday 29th June 2020

If for any reason, these forms or invoices will be delayed, parents will be informed.

Payment can be made by Cheque (payable to Spiral Dance Studio), BACS (Account Number: 14155110 Sort Code: 09-01-29) or Cash (must be in a named envelope).

If payment is made after the end of term, a £5 fee is added and if payment is not made by the start of the next term, a £10 fee is added to the normal fee.

If payment is not made by the end of the second week of term, we reserve the right to suspend classes until overdue payments are received.

No refunds will be given once the term has commenced or for any missed classes.

Notice Period

If a student wishes to stop a class or leave the school, we must receive written notice (by email) at least half a term prior to leaving.

Please note, in the show term (September – December), we require a term’s notice for those performing in the show. Therefore, if a dancer will be leaving us after the show, we must be informed of this by October Half Term otherwise a full term’s fees will be due.

Dates to tell us if you are leaving:

·         If you want to stop a class or leave us after the show, we must receive notice by Friday 1st November

·         If you want to stop a class or leave us for the Summer Term, we must receive notice by Friday 21st February

·         If you want to stop a class or leave us for the Autumn Term 2020, we must receive notice by Friday 29th May

If we are not informed of your decision to leave by these dates, half a term’s fees will be due (a full term for the Spring Term if in the show).


All teachers hold formal dance teaching qualifications, are DBS checked and have valid insurance.

They are also aware of the Safeguarding Policy and have completed Safeguarding training.

There will always be a First Aid trained teacher on site.

Physical contact may be necessary when a teacher is helping a student to correct a position or when demonstrating but this is conducted with professionalism.

We have Public Liability Insurance as Spiral Dance Studio.

Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians and Dancers

Enrolment into and attendance to our classes is seen as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

Dancers must attend lessons in correct uniform and with their hair tied back neatly (in a bun for Ballet and Modern).

Dancers must arrive promptly to lessons unless there is an adequate reason. Dancers will not be allowed into our lessons if they are 10 minutes late without warming up sufficiently to avoid risk of injury.

Any rude or discriminatory behaviour to other pupils, parents or to teachers will not be tolerated.

Photographs or videos linked to Spiral Dance Studio should not be posted on social media. The only exception is if the photo/video is only of your child. If you would like to post something to our online sites, please send it to Katharine (hello@spiraldancestudio.co.uk).

Katharine must be informed if your child will be absent from a lesson as soon as possible.

Katharine and the teachers must be informed of any injury or illness that may impact the dancer’s participation in class.

Please do not approach teachers in between classes unless it is urgent (i.e. to inform of an injury, illness or change of parent collecting). Email all queries to Katharine who will contact the teachers for you.

Please ensure we have the correct contact details for you and let us know as soon as they have changed.

Please keep up to date with important information via email newsletters, Facebook and the website.

Please ensure your children are respecting the environment of our halls, that they are safe and any rubbish is tidied away in the bins provided.


No responsibility is accepted by Spiral Dance Studio for any items lost or damaged, whether in class or in the changing room.

Spiral Dance Studio is not responsible for your children before, between or after lessons. Please ensure they are safe and ensure your son/daughter is collected promptly.

Spiral Dance Studio reserves the right to cancel a class or change the venue. Parents/Adult Dancers will be informed of this as soon as possible via email, Facebook and in some cases, SMS.

First Aid and Insurance

Each teacher holds their own insurance

Spiral Dance Studio has Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance

There will always be a First Aid Trained member of staff on site:

·         Any First Aid instances should be reported to Katharine so they can be recorded

Each teacher has their own first aid kit including ice pack and there is a communal first aid kit in the box in the changing room and in the cupboard upstairs at Bingham Hall. At other venues, the first aid box will be in the waiting room.

Breach of Terms and Conditions

Pupils will be asked to leave without notice for any serious breach of the school’s terms and conditions or for any other serious misconduct.


At Spiral Dance Studio we welcome people to dance with us irrespective of where they live, their age, gender, sexuality, race, disability, educational attainment or economic circumstance.

We promote the safety of all students in our classes.

We believe that everybody has the capacity and the right to dance.

We focus on the benefits of dance helping individuals personally and socially as well as physically.

Further safeguarding and child protection policy information can be found here: